Dharma Teachers

Shamarpa Rinpoche
Shamar Rinpoche

Shamar Rinpoche is the spiritual guide of Bordo Bodhi Path Retreat Center . Shamar Rinpoche has created for us Western practitioners a very useful study and practice program, the Bodhi Path curriculum, and established it in Bordo. Shamar Rinpoche stressed during his visit to Bordo in 2006, the qualities of the place for deep, authentic meditation.
On 11th of June 2014 he manifested the parinirvana and we are now making prayer for the Swift return of his Emanation!




Lama Trehor

Trehor Lama

Trehor Lama is a Tibetan scholar. He completed an intensive training in study and practice and directs the Karmapa Institute in Valderoure near Nice, southern France. His teachings are characterized by a deep and compassionate seriousness. In Bordo his teachings are translated into English and German and Italian.

Shamar Rinpoche asked Trehor Lama to teach Chenresi and other subjects in Bordo.



Lama Tsony

Lama Tsony

As a Buddhist monk for 25 years Lama Tsony completed two traditional retreats under the guidance of the great meditation master Lama Gendun Rinpoche. For 15 years he was abbot of the monastery Kündröl Ling in France. As a lay teacher, he now devotes his time to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and the practice of meditation in the United States and in Europe.






Lama Künkhyab

Lama Künkyab

Bernard Gagna, is an artist and a Buddhist teacher of the Karma Kagyu lineage. Under the direction of Gendun Rinpoche he did two Three years retreats in Kündröl Ling, France. He is responsible for the artistic design of the Karmapa temple with the 1000 Buddha statues in Kündröl Ling near Clermont Ferrand. He devoted 10 years to the Art School of traditional Tibetan drawing. He teaches the Buddhadharma in France and other countries. Along with Lama Tsony he has held the summer meditation course in Bordo over several years.


Lama Sherab

Lama Sherab Palmo

worked as a teacher and then studied anthropology and art history and religion.
In 1985 she met her teacher Gendun Rinpoche and made under his direction two Three years retreats.
From 1997 - 2005 she lived in the monastic community Dhagpo Kündröl Ling (France) and at the same time began her activities as a Dharma teacher in different centers in Germany, Italy, Switzerland.

In August 2005 the Dharma Center Karma Schedrub Tschöpel Ling in Germany. Lama Sherab is part of the founding team and has since been living in this place.



Lama Irene

Lama Irene (Dorje Drölma)

is a Buddhist nun since 1991 and has taught for many years at various locations. She is Swiss and took part from 1986-1994 in two three-years retreats. Her Dharma activity is inspired  by the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dordje, Künzig Shamar Rinpoche and Jigme Rinpoche.