Program 2017

All the following courses are suitable for beginners.

If a translation is requested by several people, we will do everything to make this possible.

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Bordo Dharma Course Schedule 2017

The center is closed in winter, at the moment also for retreats.
An early application guarantees your place and helps our organisation.
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Lama Irene   Trehor Lama   Lama   Tsüldrim
Lama Irene   Trehor Lama    Lama Drubtscho   Lama Tsültrim Wangmo











3-12 April: Meditation and Action
with Tengye (Irmgard Bauer) and the Bordo-team
The perfect week for all those who want to combine Dharma practice and work in everyday life.
Course language: German, English and Italian.

12-14 May: How can the life example of Milarepa show us the way to true happiness?
Trehor Lama, Bodhi Path Retreat
Trehor Lama will help us deepen our understanding of the message transferred by the life example of the great yogi Milarepa. The course starts on Friday morning with a Sang Puja (purification ritual) and completes it with a Milarepa feast offering (Tsog Puja) on Sunday afternoon. Course language: Tibetan with translation into Italian and English/German.

18-29 May: Lama Drubtscho (Susanne Schatz) in Bordo
Before making two traditional 3-year retreats, Lama Drubtscho lived for more then 20 years in Bordo. Now she will be present to support your personal retreat in English, Italian and/or German.

28 May: Vesak
In the afternoon of this auspicious day we will practice together and recite wishing-prayers. All those who wish can join us for a communal lunch. Please bring vegetarian food to share. Drinks will be provided.


11-17 June: Dharmateacher Astrid Schünemann, Bodhipath Retrat: Calm-abiding meditation

One week of intensive shiné practice based on the advices of Shamar Rinpoche. In the afternoon talks around the teachings of Jigme Rinpoche. Course language: English and German.


21 June-7 July: Lama Tsültrim Wangmo, Chenresi Retreat with common practice and individual guidance.
This is a precious opportunity to develop wisdom and compassion in peaceful surroundings. Retreat guidance in German and English.

Astrid Schünemann   Lama Sherab   Lama Tengye   Ursula
Astrid Schünemann
  Lama Sherab Palmo    Tengye (Irmgard Bauer)   Ursula Werner












11-27 July: Lama Sherab Palmo comes to Bordo
Lama Sherab Palmo will be offering guidance to your personal retreat in English and German. This is a precious occasion to deepen your practice.

15-20 July: Meditation and Movement – Relaxation for body and mind

By practicing the mindful physical exercises of Tibetan Healing Yoga (Kum Nye) you can loosen both mental and physical tensions and blocks in a profound way. This also promotes a good sitting posture and deepening of meditation practice. Course language: German with translation into English by popular demand only.

30 July- 5 August: Meditation and Calligraphy with Tengye (Irmgard Bauer) and Ursula Werner
Continuing from last year, we will direct our attention to what we call reality, question our habits and meditate together. Course language: German, with translation into English by popular demand.
Ursula Werner will lead our exploration into the Japanese character for ‘moon-face’ (reflection of the moon in water). Course language: German and English.

All courses are suitable for seasoned practitioners as well as for beginners.
Everybody staying at Bordo is invited to attend to the communal daily meditations which begin at 7:30, 17:30 and 20:00.

Individual practice and Single retreats

Bordo is very well suited for individual practice. In nicely furnished rooms, one's personal practice can be deepened. It is always possible to take part in regular group meditations and rituals that take place at the centre. Depending on the activities ongoing at any specific time, it is possible to cook for yourself in the Dharma House kitchen or to share meals with groups attending courses in the communal dining room.

A regular daily routine is mandatory for personal practice. It is important to be guided by a Lama or a Dharma teacher in order to direct the structure of your retreat in advance, and to communicate this with your inscription.