18 – 21 May 2023 |  Bodhi Path Retreat

The way of the Bodisattvas – Invitation to a New Orientation in our Lives

Our goal as practitioners of Mahayana Buddhism is to follow the way of the Bodhisattvas, to develop the fundamental human qualities of wisdom, loving kindness and compassion. With courage and determination we go our way towards enlightenment. We consider all sentient beings with the promise not to reach the final goal until all others have been liberated.

This attitude naturally means that we put others first. We practice with them and for them. Their well-being and progress on the path to enlightenment has priority. Every situation, every difficulty helps us to work on ourselves and to focus on the well-being of all. Important on this way is also a deepening in meditation.

The teachings given by Trinlay Rinpoche are accessible to all. For those who wish to really put them into practice it is good to have taken refuge. This is also possible at the beginning of the retreat. Please let us know beforehand if you wish to do so.

On Saturday afternoon Trinlay Rinpoche will give the bodhisattva vows to those who formally want to follow this path. In order to receive them, it is necessary to have participated in the previous teachings. Sunday morning will be dedicated to the deepening of meditation in connection with the Lojong Mind Training.

Start: Thursday, 18 May, at 5:30 p.m.
End: Sunday, 21 May, at 12 noon

Course leadership: Karma Trinlay Rinpoche
Languages: English, if requested in advance with German and Italian translation.

Course fee: Share of the organization costs and a donation for the teachers. Your generosity will enable them to pass on the Dharma in the future.

Accommodation and meals: The donations for accommodation and food should be sufficient to cover the expenses and enable Bordo to maintain and operate. We are happy to provide further information.

Registration via bodhipath@bordo.org

Please read the information on “staying in Bordo” and “travelling to Bordo” before visiting.