1 – 18 May

White Nyung-Ne Retreat

Nyung-Ne is a practice associated with Chenrezig (Avalokiteśvara), the Buddha of Compassion, and more specifically in its form with eleven faces and a thousand arms. It is a relatively simple practice, accessible to all and of great blessing. The practice of Nyung-Ne takes 48 hours. It begins in the morning at dawn (therefore it is necessary to arrive the evening before) and the end coincides with the beginning of the following Nyung-Ne. The ritual of Chenrezig with eleven faces and a thousand arms is performed seven times, while keeping the eight vows of Sojong.

The practice of eight consecutive Nyung-Ne is called “White Nyung-Ne” and is a practice that offers particular blessing. It is possible to participate in all 8 Nyung-Ne, but also only one or more, depending on personal possibilities and aspirations. All those who register will receive a short commentary from Lama Tsering with general explanations of the practice, which should be studied before the beginning of the practice.

Please contact him in time at: tsegaringdzin@gmail.com. The advice is repeated and deepened on the first day of each Nyung-Ne.

Start: Saturday, 1 May, at 18 p.m. The first Nyung-Ne begins Sunday, May 2 before sunrise, the second on Tuesday, May 4 and so on.
The end of the whole cycle: Tuesday 18 May after breakfast. In the afternoon it will be possible to participate in a Tsok-Puja, with which we can express our gratitude.

Course leadership: Lama Tsering
Course language: Italian

Course fee: Share of the organization costs and a donation for the teachers. Your generosity will enable them to pass on the Dharma in the future.

Accommodation and meals: The donations for accommodation and food should be sufficient to cover the expenses and enable Bordo to maintain and operate. We are happy to provide further information.

Registration via bodhipath@bordo.org

Please read the information on “staying in Bordo” and “travelling to Bordo” before visiting.