Bordo Newsletter Dez - 2016                       

 The inscription for the newsletter you can find on the german site.


Dear Friends of Bordo, 
a rich and active year has come to an end. A group of volunteers was still present till november in Bordo, and under the coordination of Gerard Frei they were preparing everything, so that as early as possible next year the new group room will be completed. Then Bordo was closed for activities in winter.  All those numerous activities would not have been possible without the great and often selfless support of many. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all of them, above all to the group of neighbours, who once again took great care of our guests in the busiest periods.                                                       


In the coming year the area of responsibilities will be newly assigned. The maintenance of the village will be entirely in care of the Cooperative, coordinated by it’s president Gerard Frei. He will soon give details on the activities already completed and on those already planned for next year.  The activities and courses will be managed entirely by the Dharma association, with Tengye as main coordinator. We can already now count on the help of many people, who in the past years, and indeed decades have given their support to Bordo. To them and to all those, who will join us as volunteers next year, we give our sincerest thanks. It is your involvement which keeps Bordo alive. 
To follow you will find the 2017 Dharma-programme. The additional programme of guest courses will be communicated in a separate Newsletter. We hope that the activities are attractive and incite you to participate. You can of course during the whole time from spring to autumn join us on the basis of meditation and activity. 4 hours of work a day in exchange for group meditations and time for your personal practice with free lodging and a contribution of 10€ a day for food expenses.

We would like to remind you that for legal reasons it is necessary to become a member of the Dharma association if you wish to participate in the activities. The membership can be made on the spot and is valid for the year.