Dear Friends of Bordo,

We are happy to be able to welcome you to Bordo.

Bordo is a place where to train your heart and your mind, oriented on the teachings of the Buddha with the scope to benefit all beings. Through courses, rituals, common festivities, seminars and conferences we cultivate Buddhist mind-training in the Tibetan Karma Kagyu lineage tradition.

To be able to participate in courses and other activities, or to sleep in the rooms put at your disposition, you need to become a member of the ‘Karma Dechen Yangtse’ Association. The Association is not profit-oriented. The activities are financed by donations (dana) and by annual membership fees.


  • Membership fees: 

  • Honorary members:                                                  no fee

    Sponsoring members            :                                  50 EUR and more

    Active members (with the wish to support the activities and scope of the Association with a personal contribution):                                                           30 EUR


    Ordinary members:

  • adults:                                                                    20 EUR

  • young people (12 to 20 years)                                 5 EUR

  • children:                                                                   2 EUR


  • Donations:  

  • Donations can be made in person in the Dharma Shop, in boxes destined for this, or deposited into one of the accounts indicated below.

    With the donations, the Association finances dharma activities, courses and other activities presented to its members. Above all, a significant proportion is allocated for the ongoing maintenance of the village, and the care and renovation of its houses, which is of course necessary for Bordo’s continued existence.

    Donations by members can be deposited into the following accounts:


    in Switzerland: 


    Cooperativa Bordo                                                                          
    Konto: SpendenKto
    Bank: Berner Kantonalbank BEKBBCBE
    IBAN: CH 820079 0042 3444 1232 5
    BIC/SWIFT: KBBECH22XXX, Clearing 790


    in Germany:


    Konto: Dorfgemeinschaft Bordo
    Bank: Sparkasse Staufen-Breisach
    BLZ: 680 523 28
    Kto: 9209 164
    IBAN: DE52 6805 2328 0009 2091 64

    : SOLA DE S1 STF


    Scope of the donation: offering KDY (Karma Dechen Yangtse).  Please note your name and adresses.   

    Thank you for your attention.

    We wish you all a good stay.


    For further information:

    in Italian: Matteo tel. +39 340 5977543

    in German or English:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   /   +33 640 45 97 71 (during the winter)