Arrival – Your way to Bordo

There are some special considerations when traveling to Bordo, so please keep the following in mind when planning your trip: 

– You can find the position of the baggage ropeway here: To OpenStreetMap

– Bordo can only be reached on foot. You start at the baggage cable car and walk up towards the houses of Rivera. In Rivera, after about 200m, you will see the church on the left. To the right of it begins the hiking trail, marked by red and white paint markings. It takes about 25 minutes and climbs 200 meters. Take good shoes and have a flashlight at hand in the evening! As an alternative in case of bad weather, you can also take the longer way up the paved road from the cable car towards Cheggio, which ends at a car park. At the end of the car park, turn right and cross over the bridge into Bordo.

– We highly recommend that you plan your journey so that you arrive in Bordo during daylight hours.

Arrival times:

– If possible, please arrive between 10:00 and 18:00. Your room will be ready in the afternoon. If you would like to have lunch on the day of arrival, please let us know in advance.

Arrival after dusk: If you arrive in the dark because of traffic jams etc., please park under the wall past the cable car on the opposite side to the recycling bins. Then walk up with your things you need for the night, including a flashlight (there are no street lights here). Walk through the village to Milarepa Piazza where you will find the dining room and there will be usually be someone nearby who can help you find your room (or you can find your name on the list of rooms). The next morning we can then pull up your luggage on the cable car.

Operating hours & use of cable car:

– There is a cable car for luggage only (see map). Please load your luggage and secure it with the ropes and cover and we will raise it after you have arrived in the village. We cannot take responsibility for your valuables so you may prefer to carry them with you.

– Operation only during daylight. After dark, the cable car can be operated only in exceptional cases.

Note: The cable car is operated from the village and we can’t see when the car is being loaded. Never stand between between the wall on the mountain side and the cable car in case the car is pulled up unexpectedly!


– There is limited parking available. This is marked on the map. Please respect that parking is not possible in the church square of Rivera and in the parking lot of Cheggio.

For the sake of the environment and the limited parking possibilities, we recommend to arrive by public transport.

Arrival by public transport

Taxi Domodossola <-> Rivera

If there are no buses (see below), a taxi from Domodossola train station to the bar Mezzavalle in Rivera or the luggage cable car costs about 40 euros. In Italian the destination is called: “Teleferica di Bordo, Rivera, Comune di Viganella, Valle Antrona”. Sometimes the cabs go up to the small car park below Cheggio for an additional fee. However, because it is often crowded and difficult to turn around, you can’t rely on it.

Radiotaxi Domodossola: +39 0324 2740
Taxi Rinaldo (up to 7 people): +39 346 6916464
Taxi De Marco Enzo: +39 347 9276837
Taxi Lobardo Antonio: +39 328 0046201
Taxi De Marco Pietro: +39 335 6731786

Bus Domodossola <-> Rivera

From:  Domodossola F.S. (Domodossola train station)
To: RIVERA stop, Bar Mezzavalle (It is not listed in the timetable, it is located between “Viganella” and “Prato” in terms of time.)

Timetables: winter timetable, summer timetable

There is no connection to Rivera on Sundays and holidays.

Important: Translation of the abbreviations:

Fer = Feriale = Mon-Sat (on working days)
Fer ES (escluso Sbato) = Mon-Fri (on working days except Saturday)
Scol ES (escluso Sbato) =only on school days except Saturday
Fer (A) = Mon-Sat, (on working days). Scol = only on school days
ES = escluso Sabato = does not run on Saturdays

Note: To understand the schedule, it is good to know that it is based on school children and workers. Saturdays are school days and work days, unless a holiday falls on a Saturday.

Bus Domodossola <-> Malpensa Airport

Timetable: Airport bus

The service is by reservation only. Reservations must be made by 12 noon on the working day (Mon-Fri) prior to the desired day of travel by calling +39 0324 240 333 or online at .

The price for the Domodossola <-> Malpensa route is 17 €.