Please read before your visit

From the mission statement

Bordo is a place for cultivating the heart and mind, orientated towards the teachings of Buddha, serving the well-being of all beings and supported by an inner attitude of joy and generosity.

In our work and practice together we cultivate what supports our inner path. 
We avoid what reinforces our self-centredness.
We meditate in order to therein gain clarity.

All those staying in Bordo are guided by the following rules of life:

  • Protect all life
  • Respect property
  • Respect existing relationships
  • Speak mindfully
  • Abstain from alcohol and cigarettes to a large extent and from other drugs completely.

The Karma Dechen Yangtse Foundation and the Bordo Cooperative are two organisations with the same focus. They work closely together to keep the historic mountain village of Bordo alive as a Dharma place and community for the future. They create the organisational and environmental conditions for Dharma activities according to the guidelines of the Bodhipath Curriculum, for the seminar and guest operations, as well as for the living area of the residents and volunteers.

We make sure that a protected setting is provided for retreats.

This generally applies to every stay in Bordo:

  • All of the Bordo team work as volunteers and without pay. Be respectful of the time they spend with you.

  • Everyone is welcome to take part in the daily practices.

  • Those who stay overnight in Bordo contribute helping one hour per day.

  • Before departure, everyone cleans their own room.

  • Short stays are not possible in Bordo. If you would like to stay overnight in the valley, you can find addresses here.

  • Payment by credit card is NOT possible.

  • There is no guest WiFi.

  • The whole village is smoke and narcotic free.

  • The rooms in the village are generally not soundproof; earplugs can help.


  • Cars must be parked down in Rivera. The small upper car park is ONLY for residents of Bordo and Cheggio.
  • Do not bring your electrical appliances (hairdryer, electric kettle).
  • The membership (20€) is obligatory and should be made on the day of arrival.
  • Please read the page: Arrival
  • We cannot offer a personalised cuisine.
  • Do not enter the kitchen unless the kitchen team asks you to do so.
  • Food is precious. We endeavour not to throw any food away. You can support us by only taking what you can eat!
  • There is always herbal tea and hot water. Coffee is available in the morning and at noon. If you want a coffee, there is a great bar in Rivera called ‘La Tana di Cip e Ciop’.
    Retreats and Dharma stays:
  • Individual Buddhist retreats only with experience and at least one week duration. Like all visits, Saturday to Saturday if possible.
  • Please communicate your retreat plan in advance.
  • We kindly ask you to refrain from online courses.
  • Please refrain from phone calls in the entire retreat area.
  • For silent retreats, contact institutions that support this form of practice.