Bordo – the place where your mind comes to rest

Bordo is a mountain village in the northern Italian Alps. It lies on the edge of the wild and romantic Alta Valle Antrona Nature Park on a sunny, south-facing mountain slope. The car-free village can be reached via an old, stone paved footpath uphill in approximately 20 minutes. On this beautiful path the hectic everyday life naturally falls away from us. When we reach the fountain at the entrance to the village, its clear spring water refreshes us and lets us enter a new world.

Bordo is a place of change and contemplation. Calmness in change and letting go of hectic everyday life enable us to connect with our real needs and wishes. In the simplicity of unspoilt nature, silence returns as if by itself, helps us forget everyday life and makes deep relaxation and recreation possible.

The stay in the traditional village with its simple infrastructure is possible only for members. Prior registration is indispensable.

Types of stay

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Dharma courses The versatile course program offers an introduction and deepening into Buddhist practice with the Bodhi Path Curriculum and Buddhist guest courses.

Retreats During his visit to Bordo, Shamar Rinpoche emphasized the qualities of the place for deep meditation and practice in retreat.

Get involved Find out more about how to support the project. In Bordo we all work on a voluntary basis.

Recreation & Introspection You can spend relaxing days with us, meditate with us, make a personal withdrawal and enjoy the special atmosphere in the village and the Antrona Valley.

About Bordo

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Introduction and going deeper

Upcoming Dharma Courses

4 – 11 May

Meditation with mind, breath and body

with Tengye and Carsten

1 – 4 June. |  Bodhi Path retreat

Meditation and Breath

with Astrid Schünemann

29 June – 6 July

Zen Sesshin

with Inzan Soen Sa (Carsten Schier)

Bordo Leavelet 2024

If you would like to print out the annual Dharma program with the dates and a brief description of the events, you can find the PDF here. You are also welcome to distribute the flyers to interested persons or place them in your centre.


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Organisational structure

Together for Bordo

Bordo is supported by three organisational pillars, in addition to the many voluntary helpers. The Cooperativa Bordo owns and oversees the maintenance and development of the village, which is affiliated with the European Bodhi Path Organisation. The Karma Dechen Yangtse Foundation takes care of activities in the village, organizes Dharma courses and regular meditations. Bordo is the ideal place to get to know the Buddhist teachings and to apply them in everyday life. Bordo is a member of the Italian Buddhist Union and the Swiss Buddhist Union.