Non-profit organisation: Cooperativa Bordo

Small pretty mountain villages – partly abandoned and rebuilt – are many. An almost entire village that could be protected from the capriciousness of private interests, however, is something very rare. We owe this to the founding of the Swiss cooperative “Dorfgemeinschaft Bordo” in July 1982.

The 7 founding members got their inspiration and courage for this step from meetings with teachers of Tibetan Buddhism, especially during the burning ceremonies for the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa in Sikkim.

“The purpose of the cooperative is to revive the former abandoned village of Bordo.
It should create space within the village community for active spiritual development, shaped by the Tibetan Buddhism of the Karma Kagyu Lineage, as taught by the teachers of the “Dhagpo Kagyü Mandala” and practiced in Bordo… The cooperative supports the holistic realization of the human being and can offer courses and events serving this purpose for the benefit of the villagers and visitors”.

// From the Founding Protocol of 6 June 1982.

Vision & Mission Statement


In autumn 2007, all cooperative members in Bordo agreed on a vision and a mission statement. The cooperative – especially the administration – ensures that the village of Bordo will continue to develop in this direction in the future.

“Bordo is a place for training the heart and mind, oriented to Buddha’s teachings and serving the benefit of all beings.”

1. Life, work, course attendance and retreat in Bordo are an expression of the Buddhist training of heart and mind, which is supported by an attitude of joy and generosity.

2. Those responsible create the organisational and physical conditions for Dharma activities according to the guidelines of the Bodhipath Curriculum (teaching programme), the organisation of workshops and guests, as well as for the living space of the residents and volunteers.

3. Those responsible raise the financial means for the acquisition, development and maintenance of land and houses in the village of Bordo and its surroundings.

4. Those responsible ensure that a protective framework is provided for retreat.

5. All who stay in Bordo (residents, staff, course participants, retreat participants, short- and long-term guests) are guided by the following principles of living:
– to protect all life,
– to respect property,
– to respect existing relationships,
– to speak attentively,
– to use alcohol in moderation and not to take any other drugs at all.
– to smoke only in the designated area.

6. We work together with motivated, competent volunteers and employees who are committed to the goals of the association in and for Bordo in accordance with this mission statement.

7. Environmentally friendly behaviour and careful use of resources and protection of health and safety at work are central concerns for us.

8. We strive for an open and lively cooperation with other Bodhipath centres, the inhabitants of Valle Antrona and the surrounding area as well as other organisations with similar objectives.

9. We run the Dharma Centre as well as the workshops and guest operations according to professional principles in the sense of a socioeconomic and Buddhist-ethical committed enterprise and ensure a balanced operating account.

// Version of 13 October 2007 (Cooperative Assembly)



You can download our statutes here as PDF (only available in German):

Statutes Cooperativa Bordo 2016 ( PDF | 88 KB )



The members of the cooperative consist of former and new Bordo inhabitants, as well as people who are close to the project.
In order to be able to meet and resolve the challenges of the future together, we are happy to hear from new people who want to join the cooperative.
You become a member by purchasing a share certificate in the amount of 5,000 Swiss francs.
The members of the Board of Directors will be happy to provide information at