Surrounding Area

There is much to experience in the surroundings of Bordo and in the beautiful Antrona Valley. We would like to describe some of our favourites to you below. If you visit them, and others nearby, you will not only be spoilt culinarily, but also make a welcome contribution to the prosperous continued existence of the local providers in our valley.

Excursions and offers in the surrounding area

Take a short or longer walk around the village and you will discover exuberant nature and see the seasonal changes.  You may see rare species of animals and plants, old houses and picturesque ruins, springs, fountains and streams with clear water, a stone engraved in prehistoric times, wayside shrines and chapels, a platform with a view over the valley and much more.

Descending into the valley, the path runs up to the wonderful Antrona lake and down to Domodossola with its famous weekly market. In addition to sights, culinary delights of all kinds are also available.

La Tana di Cip e Ciop (formerly Osteria Mezzavalle)

The Osteria at the bus station of Rivera is open again. In ‘La Tana di Cip e Ciop’ Marcella and Miriam entertain their guests with delicious coffees, a great variety of drinks, snacks, sandwiches and much more. Only their excellent homemade ice cream is worth a visit, be it on arrival, before departure or simply as the destination of a short afternoon walk (Monday is rest day).

Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola, Is one of the widespread via crucis in the Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the starting or end point of the ‘Walking between Nature and Spirituality’ trail from Domodossola to Saas Fee.

Roberto Bianchetti 

As an experienced photographer and excursion leader, Roberto offers a range of activities that can ideally complement our offerings. His websites are worth a visit:


Bordo belongs to the municipality of Borgomezzavalle, which, as the name suggests, lies in the middle of Valle Antrona. We appreciate the openness and hospitality of the residents of the valley as well as their strong traditional values. Characteristic of this connection between openness and tradition is the nearby village of Viganella with the beautiful Casa Vanni and the famous mirror, which brings the sunbeams into the village from a mountain ridge in winter.

Also worth mentioning are three neighbouring villages Zonca, Cheggio and Valleggia. They lie together with Bordo on the height of the old footpath and were resettled like Bordo in the last decades.


Food & Accommodation

The Piedmontese cuisine is famous for its use of fresh, local products and for its excellent menus. Hospitality is great and you will feel soon at home. From our own experience we can highly recommend:

Agriturismo Alberobello 

Directly on the other side of the valley there is a beautifully designed holiday resort with several apartments in stone houses. The outdoor area has various rock pools, playground, beach volleyball, boccia & table tennis. We warmly recommend the restaurant with local specialities and exquisite desserts. You will dream of the Panna Cotta with home grown berries for a long time to come. We recommend a reservation and are happy to help.

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Da Sciolla in Domodossola

The restaurant offers typical Piedmontese cuisine in historic premises. Chef Giorgio Patrone skilfully takes us on a culinary journey that combines traditional flavours and emotions with a touch of nouvelle cuisine.

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Albergo Lago Pineta (at Lake Antrona)

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Antrona, the Hotel “Lago Pineta” has seven rooms and a restaurant with traditional cuisine and high-quality ingredients.

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Bar Gelateria Aurora 

For those who like Italian gelato, a visit to the Bar Gelateria Aurora on the way to Lake Mergozzo is a must.  The flavours change daily, the quality is excellent and the prices are very palatable indeed.

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Casa Tilani in Cheggio 

Bhakti is happy to provide information about accommodation options.

Phone: +39032456308

Casa Ambientale in Zonca 

The Casa Ambientale is the largest house in Zonca and offers the opportunity to experience the elements up close, to understand their interplay in the seasons and to connect with them. We honour and practice the old customs that have been developed and tested over centuries.

It offers simple overnight accommodation in an old stone house or in a dormitory. Cooking is on the fire. Are you on the road right now? Why don’t you come by?

Pictures & further information:

Guesthouse on Alpe Pianezzo 

Above Bordo (approx. 1h walking time) Thomas Görner rents a beautifully situated holiday flat on the Alpe Pianezzo