26 – 28 July 2024

How to free oneself from disturbing emotions and develop serenity and inner freedom – practice weekend

Working with disturbing emotions is about first seeing through and understanding these mental states that sometimes more, sometimes less subtly poison and dominate our minds. On this basis, we can develop a more skilful way of dealing with them and eventually free ourselves from them altogether. The Dharma shows us a multitude of methods on different levels that help us to.  This weekend we want to focus on familiarising ourselves with and applying these exercises.

Experienced practitioners are addressed by the teachings as well as people who want to familiarise themselves with Buddhist practice.

Start: Friday, 26 April, at 3 p.m.
End: Sunday, 28 April, at 12 noon

Course leadership: Lama Drubtschog Wangmo (Susanne Schatz)
Course language: German

 Course fee: Share of the organization costs and a donation for the teachers. Your generosity will enable them to pass on the Dharma in the future.

Accommodation and meals: The donations for accommodation and food should be sufficient to cover the expenses and enable Bordo to maintain and operate. We are happy to provide further information.

Registration via bodhipath@bordo.org

Please read the information on “staying in Bordo” and “travelling to Bordo” before visiting.