24 – 31 July 2021

Family week in the Buddhist village Bordo

Children, teenagers and parents experience a stimulating and varied week together in a mountain village close to nature with its beautiful surroundings. The parents take turns in taking care of the children, so that there is an opportunity for joint meditation and relaxing hours for all. This week, Akiko Stein will also be in Bordo with the Emoto Peace Project. For her workshops, which are very accessible also for children, an offering is required.

Registration and further information at: bordo@bordo.org

Accommodation and meals: The donations for accommodation and food should be sufficient to cover the expenses and enable Bordo to maintain and operate. We are happy to provide further information.

Registration via bordo@bordo.org

Please read the information on “staying in Bordo” and “travelling to Bordo” before visiting.