7 – 16 May

Introduction to the practice of Nyung Ne,

followed by 3 cycles of the practice

We are very happy to announce that Lama Jampa will come to Bordo for the first time, to give us an introduction to the practice of the 1000 armed Chenresig and afterwards to guide three cycles.  With his presence Lama Jampa will also bring the blessing of Shamar Rinpoche, with whom he was in close contact during the latter’s lifetime.

The practice of the 1000 armed Chenresig is a powerful means of purification and is of great blessing. Each cycle has a duration of two days and a following morning. Unless one is already very familiar with the practice it is advisable to attend the two days of introduction and then do one or more of the following cycles.

To be able to take part in the practice it is necessary to have taken formal refuge in the 3 jewels. It is possible to do this in Bordo. Please inform us beforehand.

Saturday, 7 May 15 p.m. – Monday, 9 May 1 2 (noon): introduction to the practice of the 1000 armed Chenresig

Monday, 9 May 18 p.m. – Sunday, 16 May  12 (noon): 3 cycles of the practice of Nyung Ne

Course leadership: venerable Lama Jampa

Course language: Tibetan with English translation, Italian and/or German translation possible if requested early enough and by people committed to attend the retreat

Course fee: Share of the organization costs and a donation for the teachers. Your generosity will enable them to pass on the Dharma in the future.

Accommodation and meals: The donations for accommodation and food should be sufficient to cover the expenses and enable Bordo to maintain and operate. We are happy to provide further information.

Registration via bodhipath@bordo.org

Please read the information on “staying in Bordo” and “travelling to Bordo” before visiting.